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4 Common Points Of E-mail Subject How To Make It Better

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According to the online analysis, which conducts a survey on business e-mails, the average businessman receives 10 to 20 business e-mails each day. In addition, I received 1 to 10 spam emails.

In other words, in order to read important emails you send, you need to attach "especially noticeable subject/opening subject" in about 30 emails.

In other words, depending on how the subject of the e-mail is given, it is decided whether to make a business opportunity.

So, today I will show you how to make the subject of the email you can read.

Common point of subjects of emails to be read

"Conspicuous subject/subject to be opened" consists of the following four Us.

  • Useful: The value (usefulness) is conveyed to the reader
  • Ultra - specific: Concrete is conveyed
  • Urgent: Urgency is transmitted
  • Unique: Attractive (stand out)

This technique is essential for those who operate direct mail and e-mail magazines. And it is also a universal technique applicable to ordinary business e-mails.

Let's explain it one by one.

1. Useful: Tell us useful things

Several answers are conceivable, but the subject of the e-mail that gives the most reliable, stable and high result is the subject "transmitted usefully" subject.

For example, you are working for a suit maker suit maker. And, in order to introduce new arrival suit, I'm trying to send a mail to the customer list, without much thinking about the subject of the mail,

"Notice of suit Co."

Respectively. Actually, there are amazingly many opportunities to see such subject emails!

However, you can see that almost no mail is read by this. This can be done to make it "a subject that carries usefulness".

"Notice of cool and comfortable summer suit"

How about it?

For example, a salesman who is tired of summer's heat will see this subject and will open up with an expectation that it may be able to suppress the heat even a little (= useful for himself).

Let's add wording that "usable thing" is necessarily transmitted to the subject of the mail.

2. Ultra-specific: Specifically tell

Well, I put in a sentence that "useful thing" is conveyed in the subject of mail, but I feel that it is still somewhat missing. In such a case, adding the concreteness as follows will make the subject stand out.

For example, as follows,

"Notice of cool and comfortable Italian-made summer suit"

How about it? I will be able to have a more concrete image than the one of the previous one. In order to put concreteness in the subject line of mail like this, it is good to add the following wording.

  • Product origin: made in Italy / made in France / made in England etc ...
  • Material quality: 100% cotton natural/silky silk / special hemp etc ...
  • People and brands made by famous designers supervised / Armani etc ...
  • Celebrity recommendation: Product recommended! / Female Product No.1! Etc ...

In this way, there are many ways to add concreteness to the subject line of the mail.

And one thing to keep in mind is that when putting in concreteness if you make a mistake in target selection, the effect will be halved. For example, if you send a mail to the prospective customer list in the early twenties, the response is surely higher for the next subject.

"Women's  No.1! Information on cool and comfortable summer suits"

For details on target selection, please refer to " Five characteristics and solutions common to catch phrases that are not sold at all ".

Well, just by including "useful" and "concrete", it seems to be a subject that looks pretty much read. And if you add the urgency to tell next, the opening rate further increases dramatically.

3. Urgent: Tell emergency

Many people think that even if there is a bit of anxious information, "I am busy now so I will see it later". And, at the "later" time, never come again.

In order to prevent this, it is good to add 'reason to check e-mail right away' on the subject. The element necessary for that is urgency. If you add this urgency, the opening rate of email will surprisingly rise.

For example, let's put the following wording.

"10 Limited! Notice of cool and comfortable Italian-made summer suit"

How about it?

If you are crazy, there will be no suit with only 10 clothes so those who are interested in this suit will not be able to stop opening it right away. The following methods are effective as a way to convey urgency like this.

  • Limit the period: 3 days only! / As long as today etc ...
  • Limit the number: First- come, first-served basis 5 / monthly only 50! Etc ...
  • Limit the price: 50% OFF! / 20000 yen discount etc ...

Well, there is one point to note when adding urgency to the subject of the mail. That is to say "urgency" and "usefulness" at the same time.

Because adding 'useful' brings about the merit of action, and adding 'urgency' will create the disadvantage of not acting. And by communicating "useful" and "urgency" together, merit and disadvantage are transmitted simultaneously, and you can not stop acting now.

For example, if you look at the phrase "the best suits are available with a 300 $ discount!", People feel "profitable". At that time, if you have the phrase "As long as it is today!", You will find that you feel that "If you do not go now you will lose 300$!"

I, on the day of the sale of the last, only sent to the prospective customer to put the wording of urgency to the e-mail subject line, sales were three about one day until it became at once 32 the experience of I have done it before.

Thus, urgency has great power to drive people into action.

4. Unique: prominent

Just by writing the subject line of the e-mail using the three elements so far, the opening rate rises surprisingly. If you can do that, you can say "Completion type of subject of reading mail".

But at the end, there is only one more important technique. Every day, it is a technique to make your e-mail stand out, among many e-mails that arrive in mailboxes. That is Unique (to decorate the subject and make it look outstanding).

For example, you can see that it is more prominent when you decorate it as follows.

Normal state

10 Limits ! Cool and comfortable Italian summer suit

Use square brackets

"10 Limits! Cool and comfortable Italian-made summer suit

Use a star symbol

★ Limited 10! ★ cool and comfortable Italian-made summer suit

As you can see, if you put a prominent symbol on the subject that will not be used by other people, your mail will become conspicuous in the mailbox where the mail is aligned with the slip.

Just by making this one device, more people will read the subject of your mail firmly. That way, as more people read the subject of the email, the opening rate increases as a result.

"The pile that comes out is said to be struck," but only for the subject of the e-mail, it stands out prominently.


The four items introduced here are techniques that you can use well with direct mail as well as business mail.

From now on, when you write an email,

  • Useful: The value (usefulness) is conveyed to the reader
  • Ultra - specific: Concrete is conveyed
  • Urgent: Urgency is transmitted
  • Unique: Attractive (stand out)

I want you to check the four of them firmly.

Saturday, 18 February 2017

WEB DESIGN Speed ​​Up WordPress Site Easily And Without Problems

If your site is too long to load, it costs you money. It is a fact. Meanwhile, to speed up WordPress site can be simply and without any technical problems.

Studies have shown that a 1-second delay while loading can cause loss of 7% of the traffic and revenue. Think about it: if your site generates about 33$. per day, 1-second delay when loading may cost you more than 90$. in a year or if  3 seconds will mean the loss of 300$. in a year. A lot, is not it?

There are other reasons why the page load time is important: Google included site speed in their ranking algorithm, so a slow site will lose traffic. In addition, mobile data traffic is still on the rise. This means that slower sites will lose customers.

But all is not hopeless, as there are a few simple ways to speed up your site WordPress. You do not have to mess around with the code, and it does not require significant resources.

Are you ready to speed up your website and get more traffic? Let's start …

How to speed up a site on the WordPress?

The tips below can be implemented in most cases. The idea is to provide advice that anyone can implement without any problems.

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1.Use a good web hosting

Your hosting is the foundation on which to build your website. If you do not have a good web host, you can not adequately meet their visitors. The reality is that many hosting companies offer unlimited hosting packages at crazy low prices. In some cases, offer to host for less than $ 3 per month.

The problem with these web hosts is that when your traffic starts to grow, they are under pressure. You can, for example, to test for the impact load on one of the top budget web hosting services. This test works by mimicking how the site will handle the processing of numerous requests of visitors simultaneously. Here is the report:

At the peak, when the load time of 1.7 minutes, you can not hope to satisfy users. Most people will not expect the download page for so long.

But there are other web hosts who demonstrate such results working out a shock. Compare:

Of course, all of the lists is the most difficult tip to implement, because we are talking about the transfer of your entire website. Fortunately, there are web hosts that offer migration services, sometimes even for free.

Friends, one of the tips offered below, lead to a result, but in the end, you will not get far without a decent web hosting. Pay particular attention to this!

Image Source: Technology Depot - WordPress

2.Set CDN

A problem faced by all Web sites is that the download time depends on how close the user from the server location. The result is a slow boot time for specific geographic locations. The solution to this problem is to use the CDN (content delivery network - content delivery network).

CDN - it's just a network of servers strategically located around the world. For example, if you come from Europe, the CDN will upload files, images, etc. from a server located in Europe. There are many different CDN, which you can use. Prices usually start at $ 9 per month. The installation process is simple.

3.Choose a well-optimized theme

The problem most of the WordPress - that they have unnecessary features that you will probably never use. And all of these additional features mean that the subject of more resource-intensive. This is not what you need. Sometimes, additional functions are useful, but they do not always.

So, listen to your feedback on the subject, which is going to purchase. Note WordPress theme presented at our site.
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4.Set caching plugin

WordPress displays the page dynamically, requiring the use of PHP code to request information from the database. It then creates an HTML page for your visitors. The problem is that all of this may be slow.

The solution here is to use a caching plugin, which usually saves HTML-pages and show them to your visitors. So, it is not necessary every time dynamically generated pages. There are a number of popular plug-ins for this, for example, WP Super Cache and W3 Total Cache. Both plug-ins can be used freely. You can find other similar plugins.

Image Source: Wordpress

5.Compress image

There are many people who upload large images. This forces the WordPress resize them on the fly.

For example, to upload images to 5 MB - not a good idea. It is better to reduce the file size to the lowest point you can afford without compromising image quality. You can easily do this if you have Photoshop, but there are tools such as, which provides an interactive tool for image compression. You can also do this automatically in WordPress with the plugin WP

Image Source: DEV IT Journal - Dev Information Technology Pvt. Ltd

6.Install lazy loading image

When a visitor comes to your page, it is necessary to see everything at once, especially images that are always at the bottom. There are websites that display content when you scroll down the page. This helps to reduce the download time. This is easily done in WordPress, there are plugins like BJ Lazy Load, which you can use for free. All you need to do is activate the plugin.

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7.Strive to optimize the database

Continuously to optimize table database of your site. This helps your database run smoothly, increasing your server resource. Free plugins like WP-Optimize, will make the process easy.

Add caption: Choose Web Hosting

8.Disconnect trackback and pingback notices

When other sites will start to put links to your website, you will begin to notice a trackback and pingback notification. It notices that they are related to you. The disadvantage is that such notifications occupy server resources are better spent on your customers.

You can disable these notifications by going to Settings> Discussion in WordPress admin panel. It will not stop any one of the links on your site but just stop notice. Monitoring of references and/or tracking backlinks are best left to the tools that are designed for this purpose.

So, my friends, each of the tips suggested above, lead to a result, but in the end, you will not get far without a decent web hosting. Pay particular attention to this!

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Five Points Necessary For WordPress Design To Maximize Achievements


When saying "Web design", what kind of thing do you think of? Perhaps most people think that web design is what makes good-looking ones.

In the Buzz section, we believe that "design that leads to business growth" is a true web design. Do not waste your limited valuable time and resources on creating fancy designs that are just a look.

Let's explain concretely what the design with an outcome is. Even those who are not designers have content that is easy to understand and I want you to read with confidence.

A blog site should be utilized to produce results! 
Here we specialize in commentary on blog design which is part of contents marketing. Content marketing is a method of providing valuable content to users visiting the site and purchasing products and services. In addition, the site assumes use of WordPress.

1. What is web design with results?

First of all, when thinking about the outcome of Web design, it will be narrowed down to the next two.
  • Design with increased conversion rate
  • Design to maximize SEO effect

Conversion refers to the ultimate result from a Web site involved in corporate sales, such as inquiries and information requests.

The design that brings out these two performances at the same time at the same time can be said to be a genuine design that leads to the growth of business. Despite extreme talking and bad appearance, the design that can realize these will be an excellent web design.

Let's discuss in detail the design that improves the conversion rate first.

2. Design with increased conversion rate

Conversions are important indicators that contribute to corporate sales from websites. Product purchase from the EC site is also included in this.

And, the conversion ratio is an index showing how many page views or conversions among uniquely visited people. Conversion rates are useful because you can compare the results with the results of other sites.

Well, let's clarify the conversion of blog site which becomes the essence of content marketing here. that is,
  1. To acquire prospect's mail list
  2. Increasing fans of social media

It is two. (The numbers at the beginning show the priority order.)

Why in the case of blog conversion, are the above two rather than inquiries? This is a very important point, so please read it securely.

2-1. Reasons for making prospects a prospect's mail list

The first thing to set up as a blog's first result is to earn a prospect's mail list.

A blog is a place where people who search by keyword to the last provide content that is satisfied 120%. As a result of providing valuable content, it will be displayed naturally upward with every keyword, and it will be a blog that gains a lot of access counts.

Once again, if there is a downside to selling their products or services to the contents of a blog a little, the user feels it sensitive and he/she does not want to instruct that blog. As a result, content marketing will end in failure.

However, it is also, of course, important to earn money by selling good products and services to business. Here is an e-mail magazine that will be an effective tool useful here.

Unlike blogs, e-mail magazines create a one-on-one communication space. There, you can introduce with confidence if it is a product or service that is really useful to the other party. Conversely, blogs and social media sites are not suitable for sales at all.

That's why it's the most effective way to concentrate on blogging only the content that is useful to the user and to do sales itself with an e-mail magazine.

* Flows approaching with e-mail magazine, which gains a lot of access to blogs, is an important part of content marketing. If you want a deep understanding here is " how to proceed with content marketing I'll keep reading."

2-2. Reasons to make achievements a fan of social media

Another thing to set as a result of blogging is getting fans on social media.

The reason is simple, as the number of fans of social media increases, the possibility of content spreading increases, and as a result, it can deliver content to more users.

It is not uncommon for our client's site to spread more than tens of thousands of PV per day. Let's attach importance to winning fans of social media to see more content that you made hard.

Well, if you want to earn fans on social media, you never make the same tweets on Twitter or over support you too much. Nobody wants such a thing.

There is only one thing to do. It is to make content that people who read the article are truly satisfied and can solve problems and desires. And let's announce it on social media.

By doing so, good quality content is delivered to as many users, and satisfied people become nature and fans.

The design for efficiently increasing fan acquisition will be described later.

3. Design that SEO effect increases

Next, let's explain the design that maximizes the SEO effect.

Although it assumes blog design as well as the above contents, designing this design properly leads to improvement of SEO, and as a result, it is possible to expect a high-level display. The design emphasizes the following three.
  • Navigation menu
  • Breadcrumb
  • Sidebar

This is because search engines and robots called crawlers will travel around the site efficiently.

As for the mechanism of displaying search results, the crawler first checks an enormous number of Web pages on the Internet. The information is accumulated in the database of the search engine, and the accumulated page is evaluated by the original program of the search site. And it is a rough flow to be displayed in search results.

Here, in order for content to be properly displayed in the search result, it is necessary to make it a site structure that the crawler can get around firmly.

It is a case of a client who is associated with the buzz section, but when the crawler's traveling frequency exceeds a certain number, I understood the relationship displayed in SEO. For details, see " How to write and effective use of the robots.txt of" confirmation "Since 2-1. Cyclic frequency and efficiency of the crawler are super important! For SEO" to use the image of the access analysis, it is easy-to-understand explanations I will keep it.

Based on these, it is easier to understand if you look at the image of the blog design described later. I'd like you to read and practice, as it brings results to our clients in this way.

4. Five points that produce results with blog design

Let's move on to practical contents from here and introduce a way to achieve results with blog design. mainly
  • Layout should be 2 column right sidebar
  • CTA placed directly under the content
  • Place the follow button of social media
  • CTA stands out with contrast
  • Eye catch images make them stand out (especially for restaurants and apparel industry)

There are five. Let me explain each reason together why it should be kept.

* The contents to be introduced here (especially the top three) can be set immediately by using WordPress. If you want to make your own "While sticking for the first time of how to use a summary of up to make to attract customers can blog in WordPress trying to" to the reference. Such as CTA, those who want to set most easily, WordPress of a free original theme " I recommend to use basic fast loading themes".

4-1. Layout should be 2 column right sidebar

The most important thing here is not to let anyone distract search users who have visited for content. If the layout is 2 columns, the content can be found immediately.

So can you explain why the 2 column left sidebar is not good?

First of all, when the user browses the web browser, in general, it first starts reading from the upper left. This can also be understood from the G shape of Gutenberg's law, F shape of Dr. Jakob Nielsen. (For details, see " essential to the site created sell! Fundamental law of only four of the WEB design try to see")

Also, in the case of three columns, there are two sidebars, and the header is often packed with information. This gives us the effort to find the content, and the user who felt a little stress flew away. Furthermore, there is a disadvantage that there is too much information surprising Content, and you can not read it.

In a blog where users are not satisfied, the user does not drop the e-mail address.

4-2. CTA placed directly under the content

"CTA" stands for "Call To Action", which is simply a mechanism to encourage users to conduct behavioral ventilation. The role of CTA here is an acquisition of mail address.

Have the user read the content that the user is seeking first
And narrow down to high-quality prospects
What the user wants to read is content. Users do not want to put CTA at the beginning or middle of the content. To thoroughly provide what you are seeking, CTA should be placed at the end of the article.

After reading the contents to the end, the user who likes the blog site becomes a prospect naturally. This leads to the second "narrow down to perspective high-quality customers."

If you set up CTA in every place of the blog site to increase prospects, if you are interested in the site someone will become a prospective customer. The problem is that inquiries from bad quality users will also increase as prospects.

When being swayed by the user who is trying to complete all the free things, the trouble for the prospective high-quality prospective customers who should focus on is narrowed down, resulting in a burden on the blog site.

Have the content read securely, then users visiting CTA afterward are more likely to become good prospects.

Supplementary: Is it really wrong to put CTA on the right sidebar? 
In the buzz section, the quality of the inquiries was higher for those who were directly under the contents. For that reason, it may be better to check the installation of the CTA on the right sidebar at your site, and then try to judge whether it is really bad or not.

4-3. Place the follow button of social media

Follow buttons on social media are important for winning fans. It is good to place it directly under CTA and above the right sidebar. Of course, there is a clear reason for this.

When social buttons are placed under CTA, users who read the article firmly to the end and liked the blog press the button and become a fan. The possibility of inflow from inevitably high-quality users increases.

By placing social buttons on the upper side of the right sidebar, users who visit for the first time recognize that there are many fans and they have confidence in the site. As a result, the contents can be read with confidence.

As a result, it is possible to acquire high-quality fans exactly as described in "2-2. Reasons for making fans of social media achievement" described above.

4-4. CTA stands out with contrast

Let's make the color of CTA and content clearly distinguishable by contrast. It is because there is a high possibility that users will leave without noticing CTA unless they distinguish it.

In the buzz section, it is making the CTA stand out by coloring as shown in the following figure.

Place where CTA is placed directly under the article

After doing so, it prevents CTA from being passed through without being noticed.

In any case, if you want to increase the number of inquiries surely, we recommend that you first practice.

4-5. Eye catch image makes a big prominence

The eye patch image is an image for drawing the eye of the user and has the effect of guiding the article.

Especially when you want to show pictures firmly such as food industry and apparel related, it would be good to jump into the eye with the full width of the contents. Also, we need to stick to the quality of the photos. It is because the user who visits for the first time instantly judges whether to proceed with the picture or not.


Would not it be better to understand while watching the image? Also, as it is an important thing to tell once again,
  • Design with increased conversion rate
  • Design to maximize SEO effect

It is a point that it is a design that draws out the maximum of the two performances at the same time. I think that this is the real design that leads to the growth of business.

Of course, in order to improve this result by applying this design, it is a prerequisite to creating high-quality contents. Please take the time to make great content that people who read the article are truly satisfied and can solve problems and desires.

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Creative Writing Is Not Easy If You Learn Only Copywriting

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The copywriting is a sentence to convey goods and services attractive. If you are doing a business that utilizes the Internet, or if you are an affiliate, I think that you understand its importance.

Why do not you feel at Ease if you learn creative Copywriting? that real reason

Among them, some people assert that "business will not succeed unless copywriting can be done," and I think that it is true. However··

The " paradox does not hold you need to know that."

Is the meaning of the fact that some of the "do not earn to be able to copy writing," but, in fact, " is that if mistakenly and copywriting, even so, earn if you can" "dangerous".

What are the three elements necessary for business?

Why is not it easier to learn only copywriting because there are always three elements in business.

1. Attracting customers
2. Sales
3. Product

It is the first time that the business will work well when this is complete. And copywriting, since sentences for selling, you hit the part of the sales.

For products, if you introduce your own product it will be your own business and if you introduce others' products, it will become an affiliate.

As for my items and affiliates, as long as I can not convey the merit of goods, it will not lead to sales, so it will inevitably require copywriting skills ...

Just before that, whether you can tell "anyone"? You need to know.

Sales talk is useless unless there is an opponent to tell

If there is no other person to tell around himself, you must move around himself.

Just, salesman with a superb sales force, while the from door to door ping-pong by visiting their own, a little open plunged a foot in the gap of the door (the foot-in-the-Doa' of the place referred to in the copywriting technique guy is) on it is the same as repeating the sales pitch to tie the conclusion of a contract .

I do not think there is such a hard work.

By the way, speaking only on copywriting, so there is no need to go from house to house, but the physical strength I tend seems that it is easy, most people who have experienced a serious copywriting, visit using energy more than to sell you know that.

Of course, in order to communicate the goodness firmly for your products, you can naturally drop the maximum amount of energy there,

Just because I want to earn money, trying to sell others' items in copywriting is a painful and honest trip, so I'm likely to get out of breath as soon as possible.

This is the real reason not to at all easy even learned only copywriting is. That's why I'm is important to gather people around him to attract customers before the sales. And ...

It is important to sell, but the gathering is even more important.

The thing for a person who gathered in their original, rather than forces a sale of the goods that I lucrative, that will provide information useful to the people.

And so that it is the basic idea, then you no longer super sales talk is necessary, because it may not be let alone sell, mind and body easier state I'm can remain.

The aim of marketing is to eliminate the need for sales: Peter Drucker

Apart from this, it does not mean every beautiful ...

If we use technology to sell it, we lose trust only if the product is useless, more to offer our customers high value by being forced to deal with their response as soon as they sold their business and increase complaints you will not be able to concentrate on.

In other words, copywriting is a sentence that attractively conveys goods and services, but what kind of words will be brought before that? That's why it is more important,

" Yourself for lucrative whether the sentences for attractive convey the goods and services"?
" Help the people around us or sentence of the of to convey the" attractiveness of goods and services?

In terms of the firm understand the difference between this nuance, we want to find that should he be.

Monday, 6 February 2017

What You Need To Build A Low Cost And Effective WordPress Site

Image Source: Who Coad Cats

The first thing I think when I have to make my own site is "Is it really possible to attract customers?"

Beyond creating a corporate site, there should be a purpose such as "improvement in own company's recognition" or "sales of products".

However, in order to achieve such a purpose, it corresponding Website and high-quality content, appropriate marketing is essential.

This time, we will explain what we need to create a site that can attract customers at low cost, for web managers who set up websites for the first time and those who have been frustrated in the past, and furthermore what should be done actually I will introduce it!

Things necessary for attracting customers

I think that the purpose of creating a site differs depending on the company, but in any case it is necessary to invite the target, that is, to attract customers.
And, we want to lead to the final goal (conversion) not only by attracting customers but also leading to inquiries, guidance to advertisements, purchasing of their products.

To do so, we must create and conscious of "SEO (or SNS)" "design" "contents" in creating the site.


In order to invite people to the site you have created, "SEO", which attracts customers from search engines, "SNS" such as Twitter and Facebook, recently Instagram etc., is the main.
(There is also an option of advertisement, but this time it will be omitted because it will be a paying guest.)

SEO is aimed at attracting customers from search engines including Google, and if appropriate measures are taken and high-quality content continues to be created, it will be possible to attract targets to their site without spending money on attracting customers I can do it.
Twitter and Facebook can not only make people around the world aware of their own content by using information that is useful for the target or continuing operation, but if buzz is caused, much inflow can be expected in a short time .

Design considering UI

If we can attract customers through the operation of SEO and SNS, it is not over.
Next time, we have to guide the targets flowing into our site to CV.

To do so, we need design to make our content and products attractive, and UI design.
Even if contents and products are good, if it is hard to see or use, it will be difficult to CV.

Management screen thought until operation

In order to continuously attract customers to their site, it is necessary to periodically update the contents.
No one will visit the site without any updates.
It is highly possible that repeaters will lead to CVs, but if there is no reason to come many times, they will go away.

In order to continuously update and operate the contents, it is essential to have an easy-to-use management screen that can be updated even by people who are not engineers.
By using WordPress, an easy-to-use management screen that anyone can update with a sense of blogging is provided by default.
However, there are times when it is a bit confusing to ask external submitters or other members to update, as there are many functions or difficult to customize.

The issue that comes up there

I can operate SEO knowledge & SNS, but I can not code

Both SEO and SNS are marketing methods becoming important at the stage of growing the site, but if you code without thinking about anything, you may not be able to attract customers satisfactorily.

For example, if you are focusing on SEO, you have to consider meta tags, proper coding, directory structure, and so on.
For SNS, it is also necessary to set OGP and implement SNS button.

In other words, if you make everything yourself, you can not just use knowledge of SEO and SNS operations, you will also need coding skills such as HTML.

I can not design or there is no designer

Even though UI is also being optimized and I know that designs to show Content and products attractive, I do not have a designer in my company and I can not design myself in many cases Is it?

Even if the design is made by looking, it is wondering whether satisfactory results can be obtained with that.
After all, I would like to ask the designer if possible.

Originally, the original theme has skills

WordPress easily tries to create an original theme · · · In order to create a theme with excellent effect and high design quality, it is necessary to have reasonable knowledge of HTML and CSS, knowledge of PHP, skill of design It becomes necessary.

Image Source:

Here is the solution

Outsource (but cost it)

If you can not make it yourself, outsourcing will be the quickest.
It should be a satisfactory site because you can get high-quality original design that shows content attractive, as well as coding considering SEO measures and SNS operations.

However, when it comes to subcontracting, it will inevitably cost it.
Especially when you use WordPress, it becomes even more like a site with high design and operability.

Study WordPress and coding (but it takes time)

If you want to create an original theme without cost, it is best to study by yourself.
WordPress is attractive to customize freely if there is some coding skill.

However, it will not be possible in a single morning, so it will take a reasonable amount of time to complete.

And if you are focused on making sites, you want to create as much content as possible and quickly get results.

Use free but fast page loading themes

If you do not have a budget and you do not have skills to create yourself, you can also use a free WordPress theme.
In WordPress, free themes created by creators all over the world are released, and anyone can use it.

However, WordPress theme made abroad is caution necessary because there is a danger of spam and it is hard to use at first.

There are abundant domestic themes, but as there are not so many mothers as overseas, there are times when other sites and designs may be covered.

Even taking these into consideration, merit will be great in that you can begin site management as soon as you use a free theme.

If you create a high-quality site with the lowest effect and lowest effect by keeping down the budget

There is no ample budget and there is not enough resources to create with our own company, but if you want to create a site with high design and high effect, using a paid WordPress theme is also a hand.

Although it may be thought as "nonsense of paying money though there are many free themes," there are the following three merits in the paid theme.

If you pay the initial fee you get a high-quality theme

In many cases, paying theme is available only if you pay initial cost (thousands of yen to tens of thousands of yen) only.
Compared to a fee-based, free theme, it is high quality in every aspect, including functions, coding and design.

high! Perhaps there seems to be someone who thinks that cost performance is very high if you think that you can make high quality sites like outsourcing with overwhelmingly cheaper prices than outsourcing.

There is enough functions to be able to attract & operate from the beginning

Essentially, the paid theme has impeccable functions and the best coding is done.

Even if you do not have any knowledge such as HTML or CSS, it is perfect for setting up SEO measures and SNS settings.
In other words, we can begin operation on the day we introduced and concentrate on content creation.

Because it is charged, I'm not going to blame other sites

There are few sites that you are introducing compared to free themes for a fee. Especially since there are many people who want to operate without spending much money on individual sites, few people use it.

In other words, there are great merits in that it is hard for the other sites and designs to suffer.

Sunday, 5 February 2017

What To Write In A Personal Blog? Here Are The Ideas!

Image Source: The Ghost Blog

Those who have never had the "writer's block"? Who has never seen spend endless minutes staring at the blank screen, or, for the traditionalists, the white paper? I think it is something that happens to everyone. We understood that the contents are the lifeblood of every promotion both personal and corporate, and today more than ever you have to have a constant production of content in order to get noticed in a world in which you exist if you communicate.

According to me, it is not true that there are no ideas. I believe that quite often lack an editorial line and a technique for producing ideas. I wanted to summarise here the ideas in order to create a post a day (except Saturday and Sunday) for the next 30 days. Finished them, you can start over with new topics and an identical strategic line.

What to write in a personal blog


Go to Google News and read the news in the field. In some topics you will find a myriad of items, so you have plenty of choices. In other cases, for example, if you speak of "lawnmower spare parts", are rare. But once a month you'll have to find a fresh news.


There is something that makes discuss your argument area referred treated? Just jump in the collision. People love to discuss and debate. Try not to take too sharp a position, but also to the position possibilist to you otherwise. It enables you to better defend yourself if someone will come with better arguments than yours.


People love lists. He loves to see in columns so many ideas or ways to apply them. This post is an example of the list. Lists are easy to write and to read

Case studies

In your industry, there is definitely an example to tell, someone or some company who have achieved extraordinary results. These are a great inspiration for all of you and you'll get great views and great authority.


Every month you can schedule an interview with some opinion leaders to take charge of your own topic you ask questions, trying to steal trade secrets and curiosity. This is an excellent technique that facilitates public relations and is able to expand your following, which is added to that of the person being interviewed and who will share your article.


People, before you buy, look for feedback and testing of products and services. All you can review in your field should be reviewed, machines, technology, books, software and services. This also facilitates contact between the companies that may contact optical Influencer Marketing.
You might also think to start monetizing your efforts through platforms such as  Buzzoole, but only if the object of the review will fully convince. Credibility comes first!


It is a content that is rewarded with a lot of effort made to achieve it. People seek post where they are taught to do something or to extricate themselves in a technical complexity. The public will be very grateful for this service and you will get a large following due to this content.


If you are an operator of your industry have definitely had some technical problems that you have managed to brilliantly solve. Concentrate on the history of the problem, as has been created, did you feel and how you solved it. People are passionate about the story that to the solution.

Behind the scenes

As a professional, you have access to the world that most people do not know. Tell what happens in your office or in your workshop, show funny and memorable moments pictures.


The work is not just about technical things, but also for personal growth and motivation. Try to tell where you find your energy and how you overcame the difficulties. You will be an inspiration to all who meet your own problems.

Surveys and research

There are many sites, universities or magazines that publish research and surveys. Exist for all sectors and, once a month, I am sure it comes out one even on your own.


If you have a blog or a profile on social surely you met someone who made you a professional question. What better time to translate it in a post on your blog. Subsequent applications are a sign that there is a demand and that the article could have a good response in terms of visits.

Personal opinions

People follow you, not only because he wants to have technical information, but also to know what you think of a certain theme. Although the news or information are weak, become interesting if you add your point of view.

Guides for beginners

Do not be fooled. Who is following you, often, it is not prepared as you and would like to start a profession or learn how to do something without asking the intervention of an expensive professional.


Tell what you're working on and what are the challenges that you have imposed to overcome.
Create a glossary
Telling easily all the technical words that are part of your profession makes a great deal from the viewpoints of research and helps the less experienced better understand the profession. Remember that the blog is used to generate customers and opportunities, and these are more than those who do not know the work that by your colleagues.


If you are familiar with graphics programs, you can create visual representations of data and statistics concerning your work. In case you have not that kind of jurisdiction, the net is full of blogs that give their infographics in exchange for a link to the source. A brief description and a comment complete a post of sure success.


Who are the gurus of your profession? Post as "10 marketing lessons he taught Steve Jobs", or "Golf Best Tiger Woods" techniques, manage to intercept an audience in search of tricks of the trade in which the authority of the person summoned magically moves on you.


To compare two products or two ways of working, and drawing conclusions is a beautiful idea of where your result will be thrilled. It is not a content often used, but it returns to those who choose it so much authority and professionalism perceptions.

Authoritative citations

There are gurus from all sectors that have the unique ability to be able to distill concepts in a nutshell. My favourite, for example, Seth Godin. A simple post, but never boring, it can be made from a citation. For example: "First is the market niche, then realises the amazing product, not the other way"; of a sentence of this type, you can write a post extraordinary.

Review social

After creating a list of influential people in your area of responsibility on Twitter you could tell their utterances and shares. A sort of press release in which no medium or large companies, but individuals and qualified professionals who take stock of the situation in real time.

Question marks

The open questions have the ability to activate the follow-up and make him share. A title like "What if I do not change the engine oil?" , Attracts both curious that colleagues and eager to make known their views in the comments. This is also a great content to be found in search engines.

These are the ideas for a whole month and can adapt to any type of personal blog in any industry and, in many cases, these to company blogs. As you can see simply decline your argument to any of the procedures indicated in the listed points. From this time the excuse "I do not know what to write" is no longer plausible. The blog is a way of life and requires training, however, like any human activity, the beginning will be unnatural, but eventually become immediate and almost instinctive. The blog is a gym where you shape the creativity and build relationships.

Friday, 3 February 2017

How To Convert JPG to PDF And Other Files Without Downloading Software

Image Source: Smallpdf
Often with PC conversion of a file can be a problem. And that if you are not in possession of an appropriate software. If for example a photo-editing program you can convert a click from jpg to bmp, the same can not be said for the conversion jpg to pdf. And then, referring precisely to this case, how to convert jpg to pdf?

Well, for such delivery there right away to say that you do not need to download any software. This is because there are Web sites that offer the conversion service for free. As after a free registration.

How to convert JPG to PDF without downloading software

One of these services supplied free of charge for a limited number of conversions, is that offered on site ''. Convert JPG to PDF is easy. This is because from the computer, or from Google Drive or Dropbox, just drag the file in the space provided on site. Or alternatively, you can select and load the jpg files to convert to pdf in a classical way by selecting the corresponding folder.

Alternatively the same free service has been on the '' website where the conversion phase, the application optimises and resizes images. And all while keeping the original resolution.

How to convert jpg to pdf, attention to confidential files

For the two mentioned online services, but also for the others on the web, it is recommended to avoid converting files with a high level of confidentiality. In this case, it is recommended to perform the conversion option on PC with software.

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